Rex Rivera Endows Scholarships at Hometown College
Sunday, June 25th, 1950
When it comes to making a long-lasting impact, the 24 year old reliever for the Baltimore Lords has it all figured out.

By recently endowing a scholarship at Henderson, Nevada College, Rivera helped make sure that future generations have similar opportunities to his.

"I felt a sense of obligation to do this, certainly," said the Henderson, Nevada-born Rivera. "But it wasn't 'oh boy, another chore.' It's recognizing that not everyone is as fortunate as I am, and finding a way to help change that."

Without prompting, Rex Rivera is the first to tell you that he had some lucky breaks throughout his life. His parents were able to support him with travel baseball, and he never had to worry about his equipment or his access to practice facilities.

"My parents, wow, they mean everything to me," Rivera explained. "They were there for every t-ball game. Every tryout. Every mid-week trip an hour each way to play a game. Every call-up, and every set-back at the professional level. I never had to worry when they were around.

"But I know that's not a guarantee. To even think about attending college, or playing a sport, or learning a musical instrument, is a stretch for so many people."

That is why, starting this fall, students can apply for the Rivera Endowed Scholarship to help further their education or help off-set costs incurred while doing an internship or an apprenticeship.

"It's a small gesture, but I know my parents would be proud to see their legacy carried on in this way," he said. "I can't wait to see what the next group of young adults can accomplish in life."
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