Club Exports

League File updated(Server Time):

March 29 2020 9:46am

Baltimore Lords: Mar 19 12:17pm
Boston Terriers: Mar 30 7:13pm
Brooklyn Bluebirds: Mar 28 1:47am
Buffalo Beavers: Mar 27 11:49pm
Chicago Hawks: Mar 25 10:55pm
Chicago Traders: Mar 29 9:15pm
Cincinnati Packers: Mar 30 1:56am
Cleveland Bobcats: Mar 18 8:35pm
Detroit Wolverines: Mar 12 1:48am
Houston Drillers: Mar 17 8:17am
Los Angeles Pobladores: Mar 25 11:03pm
Montreal Habitants: Mar 21 6:56pm
New York Empires: Mar 29 8:36pm
New York Knickerbockers: Mar 30 4:24pm
Philadelphia Quakers: Mar 23 12:12am
Pittsburgh Industrials: Mar 22 6:15am
San Francisco Seagulls: Mar 19 9:17am
Seattle Emeralds: Mar 22 7:52pm
St Louis Explorers: Mar 13 8:58pm
Toronto Hurons: Mar 30 11:17am



Important Notice

Welcome to the American Circuit Export Tracker. At the top left, you will see the date and time that the latest league file was uploaded. Please export your team changes before the announced sim time. Please make sure that after exporting, your team shows in bold, indicating an updated export. Old exports will not show as bold. If you have never exported, "No Export" will be noted next to your team.